is the site to buy from Cade’s Boards online!

http://www.deckandgrip.comIMG_2698IMG_2700Skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, longboards, cruiser boards, skate shoes, t-shirts, protective gear, griptape, sunglasses, dvds, banners, hardware, and accessories!shopdecksfeb15Cade’s Boards Shop Decks are superb!Longboards!IMG_2697photo(8)If you are a skateboarder of any sort we got what you needIMG_2701IMG_2699

83 thoughts on “ is the site to buy from Cade’s Boards online!

  1. My son is looking for a drop-thru longboard. Do you have any in stock? What models do you have?


  2. We have some in stock right now but they’re gone as quick as they come. Please call the shop at 281 419 0900 and ask for Eric for real time stock at the shop!

  3. I would like to donate a prize from our company here in Austin, TX for your June 3, event. How do I go about doing that and who do I need to talk with? I also wanted to chat about you guys placing one of our pro-series long boards that have the World’s 1st motion sensitive, fully embedded illuminated graphics on them. We are sending racers to Maryhill this weekend on those boards, originally made just for our racers but now selling them as well. They are not even up on our site yet! Let me know if you are interested and maybe I can ship out a sample board to you. When you sell it , I can call you, get a cc# and charge you for it then. You will freak out when you see the boards in person. Snowboards and helmets are coming in July 2012 with same motion sensitive LED’s that light up solely based on motion.
    Thanks in advance,
    Jen French Forgey
    VP of Sales, Light Bohrd handmade in the U.S.A!!

  4. Ya we got a beautiful Sector9 Honolua right now in the shop $179! Also a Mundaka $179, both awesome pintails!

  5. Do you offer skateboarding lessons for kids? If so, how much would it be? My son loves it but he is just so scared to fall again.

  6. Got 4 Completes from Landyachtz arriving Friday afternoon. Call 281 419 0900 for details, ask for Eric!

  7. what are the best sliding wheels for pintails and how much are they, also what are the cheapest sliding wheels

  8. good slide wheels are sector 9 butterballs, zombie hawgs, divine slide formula, these brand, seismic, they go for $44 – $64

  9. the Original brand trucks always break. That’s why we don’t carry them. Come in we got Calibers, Paris, and Bear Longboard trucks

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