Skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, longboards, cruiser boards, skate shoes, t-shirts, protective gear, griptape, sunglasses, dvds, banners, hardware, and accessories!
Cade’s Boards Shop Decks are superb!


photo(8)If you are a skateboarder of any sort we got what you need


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  1. My son turns 10 this summer, and is a beginner skateboarder…what would be a good quality longboard for him to start off with?

  2. Hey Eric I got a rodney mullen deck.Do you think I should get 7.75 independent trucks and some spitfire wheels 53mm because I’m doing freestyle.

  3. Yes, call the shop 281 419 0900 and we can have whatever Comet model you want delivered right to the Cade’s Boards shop and you can come and buy here!

  4. Eric, I was wondering if you have a really low concave deck that is 7 and a half inches wide. Thanks

  5. My older brother is looking for skateboards for me. I`d like something good to start on because I`m new to the skateboarding world. include prices

  6. No longboards under 100 sorry my friend. We do have ez pay layaway that you can use on a high quality longboard.

  7. Hey Eric my little bro is Charlie. he could ride a penny . got any for a good price want to give it to him for x-mas… please include prices

  8. If I was to buy a board, ride it and decide that I wasn’t satified with it, could i exchange it for a diffent board?

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